new MegaMek development snapshot 0.37.12, 0.38.0 Release Candidate 4

Hey everyone,

New release candidate for you all. This will hopefully be the last one. Barring any huge stable blocking bugs, it will be. As always, it is available on the downloads page.

new MegaMekLab development snapshot 0.1.28

Hey everyone,

Not really any changes here. Updated the MegaMek jar just to keep this current so that there aren't rules conflicts issues or anything.

v0.1.28 (2014-05-05 17:23 UTC)
+ New MegaMek.jar 0.37.11

new MegaMek experimental snapshot 0.37.11-exp

Hey everyone,

With release day comes a new experimental snapshot as well. Changelog follows. Enjoy.

new MegaMek development snapshot 0.37.11, 0.38.0 Release Candidate 3

Hey everyone,

That time again. We're very close to a stable release at this point. The majority of the open tickets are non-stable blocking. So here's the changelog for this time around. Enjoy.

New MekHQ Release 0.3.5

Hello, all. We have a new MekHQ release available on the download page. Only a few bugs have been fixed since the last release but they are important bugs, so we recommend upgrading to this release over 0.3.4 (or better yet skipping over 0.3.4 altogether). Here is the full change log:

New MekHQ Release 0.3.4

Ok, its way overdue, but we finally have an official MekHQ release that you can get from the downloads page. The change log on this one is huge and most of the credit goes to ralgith who has hunted down lots of bugs and added several new features. The most notable of these is the new rank system which is much more flexible and customizable than what we have before.

new MegaMekLab development snapshot 0.1.27

Hey guys,

Release day is here! This is the current MegaMekLab compiled against MegaMek 0.37.10. Enjoy.

v0.1.27 (2014-04-08 03:03)
+ New MegaMek.jar r10732
+ Bug: IndexOutOfBoundsException when selecting jump jet type on Tripod Mechs
+ New MegaMek.jar 0.37.10

new MegaMek experimental snapshot 0.37.10-exp

Hey guys,

As it's release day again, here is the current experimental to match up with the latest development snapshot. There haven't been any changes in experimental only code for this one, just the shared code between it and the dev trunk.

v0.37.10-exp (2014-04-08 02:26)

new MegaMek development snapshot 0.37.10, 0.38.0 Release Candidate 2

Hey everyone,

I'm glad to present the second release candidate for the 0.38.0 stable. Enjoy, and please post any bugs to the tracker!

Planets Editor

For some time now Jayof9s has been requesting a built in editor for the planets.xml file. I'm implementing it for him, but I've decided to go one step further. The planets editor for him will be a built in utility only accessible by using a command line switch. However, since all the framework will be there I'm also going to include an "in game" version of the editor that will allow players to change some of the information about the planet, and have that modified information saved into their campaign file to override the planets.xml version.


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