new MegaMekLab development snapshot 0.1.41

Hey everyone,

Coincidental release to go along with MegaMek, but some nice changes here as well.


v0.1.41 (2015-08-04 10:40 UTC)
+ Bug: Mechs with 48 or 49 CT armor not printing armor correctly
+ Bug: Aeros would not print to file
+ MegaMek.jar updated to 0.41.5

new MegaMek development snapshot 0.41.5

Hey everyone,

We're entering a new stable freeze, and this is the first release inside of that freeze. It has a huge changelog due to my busy schedule the last few months. Please be very thorough about your bug reporting so that we can get this stable to be a nice beautiful release.


new MekHQ development snapshot 0.3.14

Hi everyone,

A relatively small set of changes this time, however there are some good ones here. I'd also like to extend thanks to those who submitted patches for this one, as several were included.

new MegaMekLab development snapshot 0.1.40

Hello all,

The latest MegaMekLab for your unit building pleasure. A small changelog here, but all important fixes.

new MegaMek development snapshot 0.41.4

Hi everyone,

I'm getting back into the swing of development and releases now that real life has settled down a bit. And in that vein, here's the latest MegaMek and it's huge changelog. The rest of the team sure has been busy!

new MekHQ development snapshot 0.3.13

Hello all,

Not too many things in this release. Unfortunately both Ralgith and Taharqa are still buried in Real Life. But it was time to get the release out!

new MegaMekLab development snapshot 0.1.39


The next release of MegaMekLab. Arlith has tackled numerous bugs and added a bunch of new features.

new MegaMek development snapshot 0.41.3

Hello everyone,

Our regular release engineer is still partially out of commission, so I'm attempting my first every attempt at doing the release! Lots of fixes in this one.

new MekHQ development snapshot 0.3.12

Hello all,

Latest MekHQ as part of the release catch up game, enjoy!

new MegaMekLab development snapshot 0.1.38

Hello all,

Catching up with releases, and here's the latest MML! Enjoy!

v0.1.38 (2015-02-12 15:30 UTC)
+ Bug [#164]: ASF creator has a bug with speeds
+ Bug: Reset Current Unit menu item only works for Tanks and Mechs
+ Updates to support TestSupportVehicle


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