Useless Information I

My first entry called "Useless Information". I'm pretty sure there will be more of them in the future. ;)

Back Working on Units

After taking a break while the semester was going on, I am now back working on the unit files.

I have updated a few unit names and started working on the files for multiple XTRs that were released some time ago. Not all units are possible right now since not every piece of equipment is included in MM, but it is being worked on. At some point, we will be able to provide you with every unit, but probably not with my current batch of updates. 

FAQ Updates

While Taharqa is working on the back end and sets up the front end as a whole, I have started to work on the little things.

Tips and Tutorials: How to Use Random Stuff

In this tutorial, I am going to demonstrate how to use the various randomizers (unit, name, and skills) to quickly set up an OpFor for a skirmish game. I am going to do a lance-on-lance game using a lance of my Flaming Devil Monkeys mercenary unit. I think I will make my OpFor ... Kuritans. 

Tips and Tutorials: Designing a Map with Advanced Buildings

The map editor in MegaMek is admittedly a little arcane. Additionally, with all of the new building classes and the changes to gun emplacements, it can be a little daunting to try and create maps with buildings on them.  This little tutorial is designed to show you how to get buildings and gun emplacements up and running for your MegaMek games.

Did you notice the new look?

We have been making some big changes on our site. Previously we hosted our "front page" and forums on Sourceforge, but we have found that certain limitations in that hosting set-up are allowing spammers to take over both our blog and forums. So, we have decided to move our front page and forums to an independent location. In the process, we have made a few changes, some of which are cosmetic and some which go deeper.

Clan unit names

On classicbattletech.com a petition got started, to change the names of the Clan units. I said it there, I will say it here too: that is not going to happen. 

We have decided to use the unit names as they are in the Master Unit List. There we have IS names first and Clan names after that. That means, MM will be the same (with a slight difference of '*' instead of (*) around the Clan names, because MM won't show the (*) in the unit names). So, while some of you won't like it (I actually guess it is simply a loud minority), you will have to get comfortable with it.



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