Migration to GitHub

MegaMek and related projects have now migrated to GitHub. The three projects are now housed within the MegaMek organization on github: The SourceForge pages will remain, however the issue trackers have been locked and new issues should be reported at GitHub.

Change in SourceForge tracker policies for MegaMek

Due to a recent discussion among the staff, we have decided on a change in policy regardnig our sourceforge ticket tracking systems. We have switched the abilty to create new tickets and post comments from anonymous to authenticated (registered sourceforge members, logged in). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

MegaMek & Associated Projects Staff

Dylan Custom Releases July 7th 2014

Hey everyone,

As always, the downloads can be found at:

This release sees some nice data additions and bugfixes. I would really like to thank pfarland, krazzyharry, and CarnageINC for their new force icons. I would also like to thank Hammer for his work on the starterbook campaigns, and for pestering me to get some more pieces to the rank system in place.


Planets Editor

For some time now Jayof9s has been requesting a built in editor for the planets.xml file. I'm implementing it for him, but I've decided to go one step further. The planets editor for him will be a built in utility only accessible by using a command line switch. However, since all the framework will be there I'm also going to include an "in game" version of the editor that will allow players to change some of the information about the planet, and have that modified information saved into their campaign file to override the planets.xml version.

MekHQ... work stalled

Work on MekHQ has mostly stalled right now. This is due to several factors.

MekHQ Contract Generator & Negotiatons

Last year I wrote a PHP program that I never really finished for contract generation following the FM: Mercenaries Revised rules. I plan on translating this into a module for MekHQ, however I already know I'll find myself up against the same stumbling block as I did in the PHP version.

Random thoughts on the projects and their releases

For several months now I've been the release engineer for MegaMek. During that time, with the exception of a break during finals, I've been publishing regular releases of MegaMek along with my custom releases.

It has been on my mind, and I will discuss this with the rest of the team, that I should probably be made release engineer for all three projects. This would allow me, on the bi-weekly schedule I've currently adopted, to keep all projects current with current builds of the other projects each one uses as a library.

List of missing units

As the forum users among you have probably already noticed, I have compiled a list of missing unit images. The list is probably not complete, but I think I can live with that. The most important thing was, to give the "painters" something to work with. I know it can be annoying, if you don't know what to do or where to start, so I created this list, to give you exactly that. A place to start.

If you want to help us making MM better, this is one of the many places for you to start. Having images for all units available simply makes the games feel better. You can find the complete and current list here.

Have fun with it and thanks for any help you can offer, be it by completing the list and looking for other missing images or by providing us with images. MM grows with and for the community.


Easier Download

After I noticed, that it was a bit hard to direct people directly to the downloadlinks for our related projects (or MM itself), I just updated it. If you want to send someone directly to one of our downloads, use the following links:




Useless Information III

Nobody objected, so I have another one for you ;)

A few minutes ago I started a Twitter account. That will give me the opportunity to post short Battletech related tweets and I can put out some MM tweets too short to be worth an own blog entry.


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